Yardistry products have been specifically designed and manufactured to provide all individuals with the opportunity to style and create an oasis in their own garden. This is achieved through the different variations of screens, structures and fences that are all available at cost effective prices, so whether you are a professional customer or a keen amateur the possibilities for your garden design are endless.

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing an outdoor product is the choice of material. Every Yardistry product is built with 100% premium Cedar (Cunninghamia Lanceolata) Lumber giving your Yardistry product a distinctive, premium look and feel.  With its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties, Cedar Lumber is the preferred choice for outdoor projects and considered a premium material. The ability of Cedar to bring warmth and character to a backyard project just can’t be matched by plastic or other man-made materials.

Cedar contains natural preservatives that help it resist decay. At our factory we have also applied a water based stain that has been formulated with ingredients that are safe for the environment.  Some of our customers ask why Cedar Lumber feels lighter. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Cedar is a soft wood so it is naturally lighter when compared to hardwoods. However, the primary reason is that the Cedar in your Yardistry product has been Kiln Dried. Kiln Drying is a process where the Cedar Lumber is put into a giant oven over a period of several days, removing moisture from the lumber. This makes the lumber more dimensionally stable so the wood will stay flat and straight, making it perfect for building an outdoor project.

Yardistry is committed to providing the best Customer Experience. We are dedicated to making sure you get the very best experience possible from our products. This can include anything from helping you choose the right product for your home, right through the entire lifecycle of your products.We are constantly monitoring our customers’ needs and reacting immediately as well as always developing new ways to keep you informed, including Assembly Videos, Live Chat features, and almost 24 hour customer service.

The Core Values of our Customer Experience Team:

  • Treat our customers like our survival depends on it, because it probably does!
  • Keep our commitments to our customers
  • Study our customers’ every need/ be thorough with our answers and follow things through
  • “Hassle free” support and parts replacement – we want to make our customer experience as smooth and easy as possible
    Have fun! Be friendly with our customers and each other, always
  • Our Customer Experience team is located in both the UK and Canada.