Carolina Pavilion 13ft x 11ft (4m x 3.35m)


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Expand your outdoor living space with the Carolina Pavilion by Yardistry. This beautiful wooden pavilion adds character to any outdoor area, creating the perfect setting for all your backyard living needs. The incredible design features a coffee brown aluminium roof, sturdy posts, and sleek curved gussets. Built with quality in mind, the Carolina Pavilion is made from 100% cedar lumber that is finished in a natural cedar stain to bring a warmth and distinctive feel to any outdoor space. Including premium 6inch square leg dimensions and an external height of 10′ 1″. With interior dimensions of 9’ 10 ½” x 9’ 5 ½”, this outdoor room can accommodate all but the largest furniture sets. The garden structure comes as a ready to assemble kit with illustrated step-by-step instructions and a helpful hints video that will guide you through the assembly process. Yardistry’s Carolina Pavilion is a multi-functional product that will add a sophisticated and modern look to your outdoor space.


  • Ready to assembly outdoor room
  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained lumber
  • 100% Cedar wood
  • Coffee Brown Aluminum Roof
  • 6” x 6” Posts with Plinths
  • Sleek Curved Gussets
  • Finished in a Natural Cedar Stain


  • Overall Dimensions: 13’ L x 11” W x 10’ 1” H
  • Base Dimensions (outside of posts): 11’ L x 10’ 7” W
  • Interior Dimensions: 9’ 10 ½” L x 9’ 5 ½” W
  • Eaves Height: 92inches (234cm)

Assembly Details

  • Product comes as a ready to assemble kit with all wood pre-cut and pre-drilled
  • includes all hardware and metal components needed for assembly
  • Illustrated step-by-step instruction manual is included
  • Helpful Hints video to guide you though the most critical steps
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Team to help you with any assembly questions

Box Dimensions

Your Carolina Pavilion will come in 3 boxes

  • Box 1: 92 ½” L x 43 ½” W x 4 ½” H = 197 LBS
  • Box 2: 92 ½” L x 23 ¼” W x 9 ½” H = 189 LBS
  • Box 3: 92 ½” L x 20 ¼” W x 9 ½” H = 188 LBS


  • 5-year limited wooden component warranty

Click here to view the assembly manual
Click here to view detailed footing drawings

32 reviews for Carolina Pavilion 13ft x 11ft (4m x 3.35m)

  1. Shauna

    I put it up on our second-story deck. On the bottom of the three center trusses, I added a mounting board for a waterproof ceiling fan, as well as a waterproof outlet for rope lighting!

  2. Beautiful Respite

    Very pleased with the set-up, and construction of this lovely pavilion. When we find new ways to work from home under the gazebo, it has become the talk of the community and even my co-workers. With the lights around the picture, it looks amazing at night.

  3. Jennifer

    It took a little longer than we expected to put together, but it was quite doable. Also, when I wanted customer service, they were courteous and professional in answering my questions.

  4. Outstanding Product

    We were able to get it while it was on sale. I was able to save a few dollars. The Pavilion arrived complete and in good condition. We hired a contractor to build the Pavilion and rebuild our deck, which was then used to cover our hot tub with the Pavilion. It’s a really cool product that’s well made. The Pavilion was well worth the money.

  5. Great product and very satisfied

    I bought this product last year and wasn’t sure whether it would meet my needs and withstand the harsh winters in the northeast. Let me tell you, this product is awesome, and I will buy it again and again. With my father and I, we were able to get this product up and running in less than ten hours.

  6. Awesome product

    Rather than adding to our current outdoor pool house, I purchased this Carolina pavilion. We were worried it wouldn’t turn out well, but boy were we wrong!! Not only did it look fantastic, but it also received a lot of positive feedback. We sanded and polished each piece of wood before painting it to fit our existing structure. I had no issues installing this because it came with all of the required parts and clear instructions. Reading feedback was also extremely beneficial. Since our pool patio slopes away from the pool, leveling was a challenge. Pressure-treated shims and 3/8” concrete anchors, on the other hand, did the trick.
    This product comes highly recommended, and it can be conveniently modified with rails and electrical.

  7. Robert

    Just finished this set, very cool, designed it myself at 70 years old, just missing a few lock washers and two crooked rafters that were pulled together with a racket rope, simple to follow directions, and my wife and neighbors love it.

  8. Solid, attractive, excellent

    My remarks would be close to all of the others that have been constructive. I am not a contractor, but rather a do-it-yourself homeowner. This is a lovely fixture. It’s extremely well-made and sturdy. The directions were precise. I needed clarification on one small move at one point, so I went to an online video and got it right away. Every piece was labeled with a number, and all hardware was present. It’s a lot of fun to put together. Follow the instructions in the manual. I had some doubts about the order of some measures at times, but just turn the page and it will make sense. There isn’t a single step in the process that I can modify or phrase differently. Aside from the final piece being mounted, the most significant step in the construct would be removing the protective film from the last side of the last metal piece. Wow, but you’ll be grateful it was there to shield the panels.

  9. Fifi

    About two months ago, I purchased this for my mom. Overall, I’m very happy with the product, though the assembly was a little clumsy. A few boards were longer than the rest, and the roof wasn’t square. So some cutting was needed, but after a few hours, the roof was square and all was in place.

  10. Love my covered patio

    I’ve had it up for over two years and I just adore it. I added a gutter to my house and caulked it to keep rain and sun out of my patio door. It was enjoyable to put together. A stain/water treatment was applied. The only assistance I needed was to join the four sides and install the roof panels. I had one tiny piece that was broken, but customer service quickly replaced it!

  11. Great product – excellent instructions

    We live in south Florida, where there are strong winds and plenty of rain. In our back yard, we’ve gone through at least 5 Gazebos (usually 10′ x 10″) over the last 20 years. Many of the prices have been in the range of $400 to $700. Cheap Chinese-made goods that rusted easily and literally blew the fabric tops off in high winds. We just finished erecting this pavilion and are very pleased with it. It took the two of us about a week to finish.

  12. Mickey

    My Pavilion is located at the far end of my house, next to a sunken sitting area, and is built on a wood deck with a rock “river” underneath it. It came out beautifully. On the floor, I installed a pine bar that matches the color of the pavilion wood. When we have visitors, they adore it! It was simple to put together; all I had to do was take my time and obey the directions. All of the sections were designed by me.

  13. Looks and Quality

    I’ve been looking for a hard top gazebo with the correct roof pitch for quite some time. I’m happy I took my time. The material is of excellent quality and accuracy. When the wood was freed from its shipping binding, some of it was slightly warped but clamping it while waiting to mount it helped. In about 15 hours my husband and I put everything together. We’re pretty handy and in our late 60s, so there’s nothing unique about the construction. Examine the plans carefully and decide what you want to do next, one move at a time. In the beams, make sure that all of the hardware is facing the same way. You’re going to adore this.

  14. Just do it!

    I really like the product. It’s connected to the back sliding door, and the cover allows us to spend more time in the backyard. It took a few lazy weekends to put together, but the majority of that time was spent searching for the right fastening hardware. I’m guessing there are at least 500 pieces of hardware. I strongly advise purchasing a dozen large cups or small boxes and organizing the hardware so that it is easy to find. I built the entire kit by myself except for sliding the roof section on top of the frame. Can do that with 2 people, but 3 is even better to ease alignment. Overall extermely satisfied and should have done it years ago.

  15. Drastic Yard & Deck Improvement

    I’m overjoyed at how much the Carolina Pavilion has changed our deck and yard. The accuracy of the cuts and machine work was truly remarkable, and it greatly aided in the assembly of this project. Overall, the directions were simple, and I completed the project in three working days with very little assistance, from unboxing to the final stage. The value based on the price of such a high quality product – and end result, is very well worth it. Big fan.

  16. Amazing addition to our backyard

    Our Pavillion was purchased recently and it is well worth the money. Fairly simple directions that I completed in a weekend. To set the evening mood I added a set of led rope lights and an electric drop down sun screen on one end. Two boards were defective & they were quickly replaced them with no problems.

  17. Very nice Pavillion!!

    Very durable and attractive and has enhanced the appearance of our backyard. This purchase has made us very happy!

  18. Mathew

    This is an excellent product. Strong and sturdy,  I’d recommend it.

  19. Love This Pavilion

    We had two broken wood bits after unpacking all of the boxes. I submitted an email and the replacement parts arrived 3 days later. This was installed for us professionally and we love it! It’s made a big difference on our deck! It’s sturdy and the roof is watertight and leak-free. I will strongly recommend it!

  20. Well engineered and machined

    This product looks great and is very solid.

  21. Pippa

    We have a softub on our back deck, and we purchased and constructed this pavilion to shield it from heavy snow and rain. The package was easy to put together and turned out beautifully! Rain now runs off the deck and into the yard thanks to the gutters I installed. The kit is well-made, and everything fits together well if you use caution. It’s well worth the money, and it appears to be in the works for a long time. Many of my neighbors are enamored with it and are considering doing the same.

  22. Cody

    I fell in love with it so much that I purchased two. The standard is outstanding, and it seems to have cost a lot. These have transformed my patio from good to fantastic. I now spend three seasons on my patio. The majority of my patio furniture remains dry, and the sun does not disinfect it.

  23. great product

    For a couple of days it was a fun project. The standard is excellent and everything fits well together. The roof is the most difficult part but once it’s in place it looks great and is very durable. Since we get a lot of snow here in the winter, I added some gutters and reinforced the center beam.

  24. Quality product, easy to assemble

    This was purchased to go over my hot tub and we absolutely love it! It was easy to put together and the product is excellent quality. For a tiny missing component I had to contact customer service & they responded quickly and were easy to work with. My part came in the same week.

  25. Maya

    This Pavilion was purchased for the purpose of entertaining. Despite the fact that we had no prior experience with this form of job, we were able to put it together without difficulty. Our only criticism is that the footer dimensions should be included in the instructions.

  26. Great Product. Well Engineered

    This is a fantastic product that is well-engineered, made of high-quality materials and extremely sturdy once assembled. The instructions are well-written and simple to follow. I put together posts, beams and two roof parts by myself. Four people were required to raise each roof section while others bolted the sections together. I reinforced the 1 5/16″ deck planks by either attaching another joist along side existing joist or doubling up 2×10 cut to fit in between current joists. I then secured the Yardistry post anchors to the deck using 3″ or 3 1/2″ lag screws. No leaks at all in the roof. Neighbors have said how good this Pavillion looks. I also had contractors come out to give quote to build from scratch from $8,000 to $12,000.

  27. love, love, love, it

    I love that I didn’t have to take a gazebo down last fall just to put it back up this spring because it was built on my deck at camp. It simply made my life a lot easier.

  28. Could not be any happier with my purchase.

    This pavillion is robust, provides shade and protection from the rain. I really like the way it looks and I’ve spent a lot of time entertaining under it.

  29. Great quality easy assembly

    Great for BBQs & relaxing while watching the rain or just enjoying my partner’s company.

  30. Love it!

    We use it on our back deck. We have patio furniture under it and really enjoy the shade.

  31. David

    Great product, assembly was straight forward instructions and video were awesome.

  32. Great quality

    We love our pavilion and we have installed it over are hot tub in our backyard.

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