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Meridian Gazebo 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m)


This item will be released July 20, 2021.

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Expand your outdoor living space with the 10’ x 10’ Meridian Gazebo by Yardistry. The Wood Gazebo with Aluminium Roof adds character to any area, creating the perfect setting for all your outdoor entertainment needs. The stunning design features an Aluminium Roof, 6” x 6” Posts, and heavy corner gussets. The 100% Cedar Lumber is finished with a beautiful natural cedar stain colour that brings a warmth and distinctive feel to any space. The illustrated step-by-step instructions will guide you through every step of the installation. The Meridian Gazebo with Aluminium Roof by Yardistry is a multi-functional product that is perfect for any outdoor space.

Construction and Dimensions

  • Built using 100% Cedar Lumber
  • Aluminium roof provides shade and protection from the elements
  • Finished in a natural cedar stain and neutral coffee brown roof
  • Base Dimensions: 9’ 2” L x 9’ 2” W
  • Overall Dimensions: 9’ 11” L x 9’ 11” W x 9’ 4” H
  • Eaves Height: 88inches (224cm)


  • Stunning Brown coloured aluminium roof
  • 6” x 6” Posts with classic plinths
  • Heavy corner gussets
  • Finished in a beautiful natural cedar stain

Assembly Details

  • Product comes as a ready to assemble kit with all wood pre-cut and pre-drilled
  • includes all hardware and metal components needed for assembly
  • Illustrated step-by-step instruction manual is included
  • Helpful Hints video to guide you though the most critical steps
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Team to help you with any assembly questions


The 10’ x 10’ Meridian Gazebo is packaged in 3 boxes:

  • Box 1: 89 ½” x 36” x 4” = *122 lbs
  • Box 2: 89 ½” x 17 ½” x 10” = *150 lbs
  • Box 3: 89 ½” x 17 ½” x 10” = *140 lbs

*Disclaimer. Precise weight may vary due to moisture content.

5-year limited wooden component warranty

Click here to view the assembly manual
Click here to view detailed footing drawings

Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 285 cm

55 reviews for Meridian Gazebo 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m)

  1. Beautiful and great price!

    We’ve had our pavillion for over a year and are very happy with it.

  2. Engineered to perfection

    I will buy another one. Style that is both practical and durable.

  3. Sturdy and fantastic!

    Strong and well-made. The simple style is ideal for our needs.

  4. Excellent Quality

    This is a great design, intended to last. I’m really happy with my purchase.

  5. Looks Amazing

    It fits perfectly between our breezeway and our home. It’s ideal for sitting outside and enjoying the evening.

  6. Ideal for the patio

    I bought the gazebo for my backyard patio. I really like how it looks and how much shade it gives.

  7. Perfect for our yard

    It’s fantastic! It’s a great fit for our space. It looks fantastic and provides us with much-needed shade! Highly recommend.

  8. Very Happy Customer

    I bought it about a year ago and I’m really pleased with it. The quality is excellent and it looks stunning. Thank you very much!

  9. A Great Investment

    We’ve had it for 3 years now and I am happier every day. So is my family. It has become our favorite place to hang out.

  10. Well Made & Durable

    We are extremely pleased with our purchase. It’s fantastic. It’s a stunning item and well-made and durable.

  11. Fantastic Gazebo

    This was purchased two years ago and is still in excellent condition. Really good quality; I would highly recommend it and purchase it again.

  12. Awesome Product

    Easy to build with outstanding quality and customer service. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed.

  13. Beautiful Home Addition

    Our Yardistry Gazebo has quickly become one of our favourite places to spend time with family, friends, and nature. It’s the neighborhood’s talk of the town!

  14. High Quality

    It is pretty easy to put this together if you have four people to assist you. All has a very high quality feel to it. I’d definitely recommend it.

  15. Fantastic addition to our backyard!

    Our yardistry gazebo will be in use for the fourth summer! It gives us more outdoor living room which we love! What a fantastic product!

  16. High Quality Construction

    Durable, high-quality construction and aesthetically pleasing. I added a privacy wall which gives the room a completely different look and also blocks the wind.

  17. Exceeded our Expectations

    Our gazebo has exceeded our expectations. It took a few people to put it together but it’s been a long-lasting and attractive addition to our backyard.

  18. Exceptional Quality

    We are very happy with our purchase. The assembly instructions were straightforward. The product is of exceptional quality. I’ve suggested it to many friends and family members.

  19. Perfect Fit and We Love it!!

    This was built 2 years ago. With the help of my sons it went together reasonably quickly. We’re happy we bought it. We’re going to buy another one now to go over the hot tub.

  20. Joe & Amanda

    This was purchased last month and installed this past weekend. It’s excellent quality and extremely durable and feels very sturdy. We’re so excited about it and looking forward to many years of enjoyment!

  21. We Love It!

    It’s fantastic. We had to extend the patio a few feet to accommodate it but we love it and use it to extend our indoor dining area at our vacation home when we have friends and family over for meals.

  22. 2nd year and still looks great

    I purchased this last year and used it over the summer. I’ve had so many compliments and it looks brand new this year.

  23. Looks Great!

    It was purchased on April 22, 2020 and we received it about a week later so we are very happy with the great service and fast delivery. After several days of putting it together everything went smoothly. It turned out beautifully and the boss (wife) is overjoyed.

  24. Great Quality Product

    This is a fantastic product. Excellent kit, perfect fit of all the components, and the quality guidance on how to put it together are something you don’t see very often. Very happy with this Gazebo. You will NOT be disappointed!

  25. Peter S

    I have just finished installing and it looks so good. The instructions were a little difficult to follow but after setting out all of the pieces, it took four guys four hours to put it together. Our family loves it.

  26. A fantastic gazebo!

    A fantastic gazebo! The directions were simple to follow. This is most definitely a weekend project. It took us a bit longer to put together than we expected. You will need at least three people to mount the roof. It appears to be really robust and is a hit with everyone.

  27. Best Purchase We Made

    We love our gazebo. We’ve created an entire outdoor living area. It took a whole day to put together but it was well worth it. It looks fantastic and we’ve received many compliments on it. We’re about to go out and buy another one for the side of our home.

  28. Sam Watson

    I bought it about 6 weeks ago and it’s really very simple to put together if you follow the instructions and watch the helpful video.

  29. Transformed our backyard

    Our backyard has transformed from a concrete slab to a room that we can use all year. Our gazebo has given us so much extra living room because it can be used all year. It’s been installed for two years and it all looks brand new! It’s a fantastic product and we couldn’t be more pleased.

  30. Good Value

    Last year I bought this gazebo and put together the basic components myself. Additional assistance was needed for the final assembly. It offers excellent shade and enhances the appearance of our backyard. If you have the room I would suggest this or a larger model.

  31. Excellent product

    We’ve had this gazebo in our backyard for 4 years and have had no issues with it. We connected it to the power grid and installed an outdoor ceiling fan as well as small televisions which looks lovely.

  32. Outstanding design and engineering

    We’ve had our gazebo for 3 years . It came with well-written instructions & was relatively simple to build and it took us about a day. The product’s high quality and well-engineered components made the experience truly worthwhile. I will unreservedly recommend this product and business to others – excellent work.

  33. We love our gazebo.

    We love our gazebo. We had purchased cloth-type canopies in the past but they were always ruined by high winds etc We finally bought a Yardistry Gazebo and are very happy with it. It provides the best shade over our patio. Thank you!

  34. Functional and beautiful

    We used to have canvas-topped gazebo but after having to replace the tops every other year we settled on the Yardistry gazebo. It did not let us down! It’s well-made and has withstood the last two harsh winters. We’ve had many compliments on this as well. The only drawback is that the birds seem to like it as well and attempt to build nests in the inside corners!

  35. Joseph Russell

    My son-in-law, a 46-year-old carpenter was surprised by the materials’ consistency. The posts and beams were erected by the two of us with the assistance of a 3rd person. 3 strong people were needed to complete the roof parts. All fit perfectly after we tweaked the roof as instructed in the manual. It was completed in 2 days. Very satisfied!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Alan Paton

    I watched the helpful tips video, which shows step-by-step installation, before starting. It was extremely beneficial to my actual project. It also went up like a dream because each object was numbered, pre-cut, and holes were pre-drilled.

  37. Jane Cowie

    We purchased this 2 years ago and we absolutely love it! This is the best outdoor purchase we’ve ever made. It looks great and has withstood sleet, fog, high winds, and more. We’ve installed solar lights underneath it and it looks fantastic. This is my happy place!

  38. James

    We finished building our gazebo today. Our only suggestion is to pre-spray white grease inside the ridge caps before mounting them to the roof panels – the first one stuck but the next 3 slid on like butter. Such a beautiful design.

  39. Backyard Retreat

    This gazebo is our favourite thing in our backyard. We spend much more time outside because it offers shade and light rain protection and we have set-up this up are our new BBQ area. Love the quality of the wood too.

  40. Amazing Construction Kit

    This gazebo was purchased about a month ago. Pre-assembly was simple and the components fit together smoothly. On-site assembly was quick, requiring only 2 hours with four people. This is the second Yardistry product I’ve assembled and our yard looks amazing with this additions. Very happy – thank you!

  41. Backyard Beauty

    We completed this in one weekend with the help of my daughter and son-in-law. As a result, we now have a stunning addition to our backyard. We are completely satisfied. For the quantity of product, the pricing is amazing. Great job Yardistry. You nailed it.

  42. A Recreational Treat

    A structure that looks a lot like a high-end patio. Yardistry came to my rescue with this stunning & cost-effective solution when I was quoted $55,000 for an outdoor patio. I’ve owned it for a few years and have had no issues with it. Highly recommend.

  43. Tina Hadfield

    I absolutely love this gazebo. Solid and attractive. As expected, all pieces were present. It was a breeze to put it together. Approximately 7 hours. To complete the quickest possible you will need 3 people. The only suggestion I have is to use a 12 foot 2×6 to support the roof panels in the middle while they are being assembled. A two-step ladder is also necessary. We will enjoy this for years!

  44. Lovely Outdoor Shelter

    We’ve had our gazebo for 3 years now. We use it a lot in the summer and it’s big enough for the 8 of us to eat dinner under it most nights and it looks fantastic on our back deck. The only thing I’d want to see are shades that could be drawn to keep the cold winter air out. I also hired a contractor to put it together because the roof requires a lot of effort.

  45. Amazing Gazebo

    We purchased 2 of these 8 months ago and they both look like new. They are made of excellent quality materials. It takes 3 people to assemble but worth the effort. We even used one this winter as a green house – we just brought tarps and enclosed the sides. It keep all our plants safe and was easy to change back. We sit outside each morning and enjoy drinking our our coffee in the shade.

  46. Envy of the neighbors

    Mine was purchased and assembled 2 years ago. Best outdoor investment I ever made, no more having to replace the top of the canvas tops on the other patio covers I had. It was simple to put together but it took four of us to do it – I wouldn’t try to put it together with less than 4 people. All the parts fit together well as shown in the manual.
    Overall, a fantastic product. We are the envy of the neighbours, as I stated in the review title.

  47. Great Instructions

    We just completed the install of our new Gazebo. When I received the kit I laughed at the instruction book, boy was I wrong, this book is a GOD SEND. 50+ pages of the best instructions I have ever seen. If you follow the guidelines to the letter you will not have any problems.
    It’s up, it’s beautiful, and we had a bad storm last night and it’s still standing and didn’t leak.
    Yardistry did a great job and you’ll be amazed at the packing when it comes.

  48. Beautiful !

    We’ve enjoyed spending our evenings in this wonderful gazebo. It’s the perfect size and looks great with the deck and house. It’s also a hit with our pals. My favourite feature is how the roof appears to be made of copper. We looked at a lot of them before deciding on this one because it offered the best value for the money. The cedar wood is an added benefit and everything came together wonderfully when we put it together.

  49. Tony Lowe

    Before I bought it, I read the reviews online. I was a little concerned about delivery because I didn’t want boxes piled up at the end of our driveway. The delivery driver placed the boxes where we wanted them (along the side and back of the driveway). After work, my husband and I worked on the gazebo in the evenings.
    The directions were very clearly written. That, along with the YouTube videos made assembly a breeze. The roof installation was the only area where we required further assistance. We were expecting this because it had been highlighted by several earlier reviewers. The gazebo is beautiful and I know we are going to enjoy it for many years to come.

  50. Yardistry Gazebo

    There are quite a lot of pieces and it took about 2 1/2 days with only 2 people. We love the result and it suits our backyard so well.
    I think I would pay for assembly next time if I ever buy another one.

  51. Jonny

    I bought the Meridian Gazebo after doing a lot of research on other products and companies. It took two days to put together. Overall, the wood quality and pre-drilled hole alignment were superb; I just had to re-drill three holes since they were slightly out of position. The most difficult part of the project was putting the roof together.
    Before screwing anything down, I’d recommend laying all of the roof panels on the wood. I also used a clamp and some wood to assist push the roof panels closer together so that I could start attaching them. Overall, it’s easy to put together and the finished product was well worth the money and effort.

  52. Installed in one day! Looks Fantastic!

    Once we ordered the gazebo it arrived within the week. We watched the extremely useful Yardistry videos (a few times because they are great to refer to if you lose your place during the procedure :)). The gazebo was built in a single day (about 8 hours – 3 guys)

    A few points to consider:
    1. Follow the directions STEP BY STEP; they are extensive but if you follow them, you will succeed.
    2. Watch the videos; they will show you what to expect in real time.
    3. Don’t be disheartened when you first open the boxes; there are a LOT of pieces, but they’re all well labelled.

    We are quite pleased with this purchase, and our friends are as well. It’s sturdy and well-made! We will enthusiastically suggest you to others!

  53. Non-handy Couple Goals

    My husband and I purchased the 10 x 10 Meridian gazebo. Neither of us is particularly handy but we put the parts together for this gazebo a little bit each day and assembled the roof with four people in an afternoon. Before each stage we viewed the helpful tips movie and followed the instructions. A few times we had to use the online chat tool and there was always someone online to help us.

    Our gazebo was delivered to our front door and was delivered in three cartons on a little skid. All of the pieces were there & there were even some nuts and bolts left over.

    The final result is just stunning. Reading the instruction & using the helpful hints video and even watching a few videos on YouTube really helped us. We are not handy but we enjoyed building this and are thrilled with the final result.

  54. Fun to build

    We can’t believe how well designed this structure is for strength WOW! It took my wife and I roughly 2 days to build (about 6 hrs a day). The video was extremely helpful and I only looked at the instruction book to reference bolt and screw sizes. The roof panels are quite light that I could lift them into place while my wife was in the centre to hold the first panel up while I placed the second panel, bolted them together and the rest was a one man project.

  55. Beautiful and amazing quality

    Waited 10 years to finally install a structure – well worth the wait!!

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